Energy Medicine Practitioner Training - 2022

Learn to be a trauma and IFS-informed energy healing facilitator with robust therapeutic skills.

You are already gifted. We can guide you on a journey of self-discovery. We can enable you to activate your own powers. Our approach is to empower you with a safe and rich environment to learn.

In-Person & Online
At Earth Clinic & School, Manchester

October 2022 - March 2023

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Roop and Natasha Anand are offering their knowledge and experience over the last decade of holistic wellness, medicine and spiritual teachings, and 15 years working at the grassroots with communities, families, institutions and individuals. They have a lifetime each of indigenous wisdom from their own heritage of the Sikh Yog-Vedantic and Tantra spiritual lineages.

They have put this all together in an all-inclusive, fully holistic, safeguarded and beautifully held training programme that will give you a viable pathway into holistic healing arts and natural medicine careers.

Years ago, we made the decision to move away from quick weekend courses, seeing the need for fully held practitioner courses where students could be guided over time and given the space to try things, receive advice and the safety net of a group or peers and qualified space-holders.

Everything we share is trauma and Internal Family Systems (IFS) - informed, making this course totally unique in it's approach, depth and integrity. We believe that the IFS model is a reflection of the way that we are and provides a clear insight into how to navigate our inner, emotional and mental landscapes. This awareness and these tools are fundamental to effective space-holding for self and others. Without them, we are simply navigating a sea without the stars or a map.

Combined with optional Weekend Ceremonies for deeper teachings, healing and expansion as well as optional Vedic Astrology Readings and 121 IFS Therapy options - this is a one-of-a-kind, totally unique opportunity to carefully curate your personal and professional journey.

Bringing together the IFS, ceremonial and energy medicine worlds can create Quantum Leaps in wellbeing outcomes as these modalities leverage each other, amplifying the effects. You will literally leap forward into your power and potential as a practitioner of the future, embodying the teachings from a place of experience and unshakable stability.

Over 4 months the course offers

A safe space to delve into your inner world and continue self-enquiry.

A viable pathway into holistic healing arts and holistic medicine careers

Learn how to meet yourself, release blockages & activate your mind, body & energy 

Start to transform areas of your life holding you back from reaching your full potential

key features

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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 2, 2-day training, (in-person/online training in October)

Spiritual Crystal Healing Level 1 & 2, 1/2-day training (in-person/online training in October)

Level 1 IFS & Beyond Trauma-Informed Training, 1-day  (in-person/online training in October)

3 x 100 minute group mentoring sessions with one of the lead trainers
(November, December and January)

Wholistic Therapeutic Skills training, 1/2 days, that enables you to therapeutically consult with clients
Regular learning content on energy & holistic medicine on our online learning platform

Live weekly reiki, yoga and energy practices as well as a library of online practices

Learn to do readings and divination for those who ask for visioning, guidance and direction

Initiation into the Himalayan Meditation Technique

Access to monthly IFS Group Therapy (unlimited access throughout the course)

Buddy Pairs: receive mentoring from another student and practice your skills moon them

Learn Yogic/Tantric and Shamanic tools you can share with clients


▵ Be safely held and guided through your inner healing journey, processes and challenges by the trainers and feel confident to do the same for your clients

 ▵ Learn how to work with your parts, emotions and heal trauma through the basic Internal Family Systems model as well as apply that to your work with clients  

▵ Clear karma, stagnant energy and burdens that will take you to the next phase of your healing and understand how to support your clients to do the same  

▵ Feel confident and empowered to navigate your self-healing journey and those of your clients  

▵ Start to become more embodied and feel your mind and body connection come more under your command  

▵ Be initiated into working with foundational level trauma-informed wisdom and practice that will set you apart in your field and boost your professional practice and credibility  

▵ Understand the basics of detoxification of metabolites, toxins and old, burdened energy  

Also learn a toolkit full of practices and techniques to teach your clients such as:  

▵ Be initiated into meditative and mindfulness practices  

▵ Learn energy and yogic healing techniques

▵ Learn the basics of working with the breath

▵ Feel a greater presence and ability to be in the "gap" of awareness

▵ Explore consciousness and esoteric teachings

▵ Ignite a level of self-care and self-practice you require to facilitate deep healing spaces and therapy for others

▵ Receive nutrition & lifestyle guidance

▵ Learn simple rituals and ceremonies that bring your journey to life

▵ Feel part of a thriving, beautiful community 

Would you like to speak with one of the Lead Trainers to explore if this opportunity?

Emma Heard

Reiki Initiate

"As people you can tell they have been on the journey themselves. They are incredibly supportive and really empathetic. Everything I have learned with them makes me feel so privileged. The teachings are sacred and sometimes I can’t believe they are sharing them with me. The energy that they create around a circle of people is really phenomenal, there is something really strong and really scared in what they do and at the same time incredibly relaxing and peaceful. Everybody feels really held. There aren’t many people that can make people feel so connected and grounded and really wanting to share their experience. What they did for me is bring it all together, they helped me understand how much I already know and taught me so much more. I feel solid and grounded in what I have learnt and I really understand how everything fits together."

Rebecca McCarthy

Holistic Practitioner

I highly recommend this course to anyone who's considering it! I attend the last course & it is one of the most impactful experiences of my life. An incredibly beautiful & safely held space throughout with a combination of different tools and practices shared. I learnt & developed much more than I could have imagine.d

Brad Edwards

Trainee Holistic Therapist

"Roop and Natasha are two of the most kind, warm-hearted, wise and genuine people I have ever met. Their classes are of the highest quality which they approach with an open heart, with your best interests at heart. They have such a huge range of knowledge and experience, I am confident in saying I know they will be able to help anyone. I couldn't think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal."

Gemma Gratton

CEO The Bee Thrive

"Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by... I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand, she helped me reconnect to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses to the upmost, you will be grateful, as am I."

Daniel Halenko

CEO & Leadership Coach, Catori

"Amazing people, space and programs of work. Both Natasha and Roop are two of the most conscious, truly caring humans I have met and their work is of the highest quality. Highly recommend to anyone and because of their vast knowledge, you can go with your problem knowing that between energy reiki work and nutrition, through to wisdom teaching, yoga and breathwork, they can provide a solid solution to get you moving forward quickly."

The Standard Package for the training is £777

+ 3 x 60 min IFS Sessions - add £204 (15% off - normally £240)

+ 6 x 60 min IFS Sessions - add £408 (15% off - normally £480)

+ Jyotish - Vedic Astrology Reading - add £277 (17% off - normally £333)

+ Ceremonies x 3 overnight retreats - add £532 (20% off - normally £666)

For either of these add ons, contact Nadine at

6 x Internal Family Systems, 60 Minute Sessions

▵ Get in touch with your parts to create conscious self-to-part inner dialogue

▵ Help relieve our parts from their extreme roles

▵ Unburden the pain, suffering, trauma and energy our parts are holding

Vedic Astrology Reading & Follow Up

▵ Be aware of your Soul Blueprint and have a cosmic map to navigate into your highest potential

▵ Understand how the Celestial bodies are influencing different aspects of your life - psyche, emotions, energy

Get a specially curated set of practices to purify and navigate into your potential

Ceremony Retreat Weekends for deeper teachings, healing work, consciousness expansion and integration work.

▵ Gain a deeper insight into your internal world

▵ Expand your consciousness and download powerful information your system is ready for

▵ Learn to work with the energy tools and gain a deeper sensitivity and insight

If you want to bolt any of these onto your programme - simply speak with one of the team at your Discovery Call - book below.

Beyond-Trauma & IFS Informed Training For Coaches, Energy Medicine, Bodywork & Yoga Practitioners - Foundation
03/12/22 & 04/12/22
09.30 - 17.30 GMT

Our clients may present to us in a number of ways, often with physical, emotional or energy imbalances or symptoms. Being able to meet them where they are at and show up to them with integrity depends on our awareness of how their previous challenging life experiences, trauma, stories or burdened energy may be affecting them and us.

We can then utilise tools to engage with our clients in a clear and clean way that supports their growth and self-leadership while honouring and accelerating our own growth .

Within the context of increasing societal challenges, people are becoming more burdened and showing up in our sessions requiring a greater depth of support. Often our clients have been let down by the health and social care services of the state and rely on us to support them through their challenges. Our challenge is to stay present and energised, under this ever increasing demand, and feel confident to respond to the need of the hour to our communities, without burning out.

What we offer is a meaningful solution to this current paradigm - through shifting the way we deliver support to people who work with people. We advocate a process which is a combination of deep inner reflection and contemplation of how our practices are safely and consciously serving our clients - as well as up levelling our toolkit and modalities.

We shall do the deep inner work on ourselves in order to model and embody the journey that we hope to take our clients on. These are some of the most valuable skills we can cultivate as holistic practitioners.

At this Foundational training, Natasha Anand Boojihawon will share theory in trauma education as well as accessible Internal Family Systems and Energy Medicine tools and practices that practitioners get to try out and then put into action straight away. This training also has a special focus on safely and compassionately moving beyond the trauma stories and supporting the wider spiritual or wellness journeys our clients may be taking. 

Key Elements

⟁ 2 full day online training sessions.

⟁ High quality online content via your personal online access including. handouts, guides, vidoes, practices and more.

⟁ Guidance to develop and implement a transformative personal and professional practice.

⟁ Join a supportive and active community of like-minded people that you can call upon.

⟁ Learning from real-life case studies. 


⟁ Gain confidence and clarity of the trauma-aware, therapeutic journey. 

⟁ Understand how trauma or adverse experiences manifests in the body and mind and how to safely work with your clients according to your own capabilities

⟁ Gain foundational tools to guide your clients through transformational journeys. 

⟁ Gain a good foundational understanding of concepts in ‘beyond trauma-informed theory’ and practice. 

⟁ Confidently create safe and held spaces for deeper therapeutic outcomes 

⟁ Gain a greater capacity for facilitating positive health outcomes for your clients. 

⟁ Understand how to integrate awareness, wisdom, tools and techniques into practice immediately. 

⟁ Implement tools to prevent burnout and feel more energised. 

⟁ Develop clearer boundaries and a greater capacity as a practitioner. 

To Apply

You must be an existing Coach, Talk Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner (Reiki, Sehem etc), Bodyworker or Yoga Teacher. Please email Nadine El-Hage with any questions or to register your interest to attend at Please state your modality and length of time you have been practicing.

Would you like to speak with one of the Lead Trainers to explore if this opportunity?

Wholistic Therapeutic Skills Training
(Only open to those attended Beyond-Trauma & IFS Informed Training)
09.30 - 17.30 GMT 

Having a framework for assessing, reviewing, engaging with and coaching clients on the health and wellness outcomes they identify for themselves is a crucial component in creating safe and coherent spaces where clients can continue on their ever evolving journeys. It gives our parts reassurance and peace of mind that we are following a structure that keeps us in a flow that is congruent with our own energy and boundaries. It helps both parties get the most out of the therapy or practice and create safe and clear spaces for growth.

In this training, we share a framework and approach to trauma-informed holistic professional practice for energy practitioners and yoga teachers to safely consult with their clients.

This workshop is only available and open to those that have attended the 2 day “Beyond-Trauma & IFS Informed Training For Coaches, Energy Medicine & Yoga Practitioners - Foundation” course.

It is the more “technical” aspect of the training where we share our tried and tested systematic and intuitive approach to consulting with clients. It is both skills and experience based, and students leave with a method they can put into practice straight away. It enables the practitioner to add value and integrity to their processes.

Key Elements

⟁ 1 full day online training sessions.

⟁ High quality online content via your personal online access including handouts, guides, vidoes, practices and more.

⟁ Guidance, templates and resources to develop and implement a consultation framework.

⟁ Join a supportive and active community of like-minded people that you can call upon.

⟁ Learning from real-life case studies.


⟁ Learn a framework to consult with clients you can adapt.

⟁ Be enabled to therapeutically consult with clients.

⟁ Incorporate a the beyond-trauma informed and IFS model form previous training.

⟁ Confidently create safe and held spaces for deeper therapeutic outcomes.

⟁ Gain a greater capacity for facilitating positive health outcomes for your clients.

⟁ Develop clearer boundaries and a greater capacity as a practitioner.

To Apply

You must be an existing Coach, Talk Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner (Reiki, Sehem etc), Bodyworker or Yoga Teacher.

You must have also completed the 2 - day ‘Beyond-Trauma & IFS Informed Training For Coaches, Energy Medicine, Bodywork & Yoga Practitioners - Foundation‘ training with us.  

Please email Nadine El-Hage with any questions or to register your interest to attend at Please state your modality and length of time you have been practicing. 

Would you like to speak with one of the Lead Trainers to explore if this opportunity?


Roop Singh Sagar

Roop is a Reiki Master and Energy Coach with 9 years experience in the healing arts. As a master energy worker, Roop has vast experience from working with the heart-mind connection to the consciousness field that connects every living organism on the planet.

He is trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Distance Healing, Quantum Field Healing, Frequency Healing, Timeline Healing, Auric Field Healing, Psychic Surgery, DNA Healing/Recoding & Spiritual Crystal Healing.

Roop has experience and great depth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and the sciences of the human energy system. He understands fully the potential of the human body to heal itself. He fuses his intuition, techniques, channelled guidance and the incredible human technologies in a truly held and safe healing space.

Examples of the types of ailments/illness Roop has treated in the past – migraines, sports injuries & regeneration, trauma & ancestral healing, cysts, arthritis, inflammation, digestive system disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction.

Roop’s personal experience comes from overcoming chronic physical and psychological health conditions from childhood, overcoming addiction, ancestral trauma and continuing self-mastery of his energy systems.

Natasha Anand Boojihawon

She is Priestess in residence at her Temple, Sri Shakti Ma in Manchester and has been working ceremonially for lifetimes. She currently holds space through; 1 to 1 therapy, spiritual guidance, holistic & energy teacher training programmes, facilitating group work and sacred ceremonies.

She has been teaching for 12 years in various capacities. Natasha Anand is a Master Energy Worker, Master Sattva Yoga Teacher, Leadership Coach, Jyotish (Vedic) Astrologer and Holistic Therapist fusing Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy, Holistic/Integrated Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Sekhem Reiki, Integrated Himalayan Yoga, Earthkeeping, Spiritual Crystal Healing, Quantum Medicine, Shamanic Practices, Sacred Geometry & Holistic Coaching.

She creates safe and powerful spaces for people to heal at profound levels. Her work is highly specialised - trauma-informed, holistic and integrated.

Natasha Anand draws much experience from her own journey overcoming two autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, addiction, burnout and ancestral trauma, which very much initiated her on this path of awakening and service.