Holistic Medicine Practitioner Training

We help practitioners, therapists & teachers align, strategise, heal & evolve, so you they have a more powerful impact, being in service.

We work with practitioners, healers, therapists and teachers who feel stuck or want guidance in the next stage of their growth.

We help them align, consciously strategise, heal and evolve, so they can have a more powerful impact, being in service to the planet.

Roop and Natasha Anand are offering their knowledge and experience, a combination of 22 years of sacred and esoteric teachings, a lifetime each of sacred indigenous wisdom from the Sikh, Yog-Vedantic and Tantra spiritual lineages, 12 years experience working therapeutically in communities and 8 years working in wellness. They have put this all together in an fully holistic, safeguarded and beautifully held training programme that will catalyse your healing and professional growth to help you fully realise and actualise your Soul vision and mission on earth.

We know you haven’t come to earth to be a bystander. We know you’re here to be part of a movement of Conscious Leaders supporting the next generation of awakening souls, whether that be in your own family, workplace or community. As practitioners and teachers of Holistic Medicine, we do not hesitate. We continue to evolve and respond to the need of the hour. The time is now.

This course offers tools, group coaching, online content & guidance in...

Personal Development

To step into your sovereign nature and grow in your roles in service to others.

Practitioner Integrity

To help you step into your capacity as a Holistic practitioner, teacher, healer and/or guide and create safe spaces. To help you grow a business that supports your community in a powerfully impactful and influenctial way, creating a lasting legcay.

Spiritual Evolution

To help you navigate the nature of your mind, Self, cosmic energies and earth consciousness.

Techniques, Tools & Rituals

To take your own healing journey to the next level, releasing deep blockages/karma to transform areas of your life holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Key Benefits...

Connection to other sudents in a safe and private learning environment

Special Sadhanas (practice) of energy medicine and yogic practices

4 hours+ of online learning content every month

1.5 hour group coaching call every month

2 weekly classes to choose from : Roop’s energy meditation (reiki, kriya, pranayama, movement) class and Natasha Anand’s integrated yoga class (pranayama, kriya, mantra, meditation, hatha)

Optional initiations into Reiki Masters, Spiritual Crystal Healing Levels 1, 2 and 3, the Himalayan Meditation technique, sacred rituals and long weekend retreat gathering to culminate the course at an extra cost specially discounted for you.

Enrollment onto a private, exclusive online platform with all course materials and interaction with other students.

Additional resources, videos and worksheets and opportunities from our partners


This is a semi-structured programme designed to respond directly to the needs of the students. There are many themes that will cross cut throughout the programme and some specific themes that will be covered due to the students request/needs. Here are some of the cross cutting themes:


* The nature of the self & the mind
*Conscious Leadership
* Mindfulness
* Internal Family Systems

holistic medicine

* Energy, breath and yogic healing techniques
* Working with the breath
* Overview of Detoxifcation
* Working with the elements


* How to be and remain Sovereign
* Stabalising into optimum self-care and practice
* Flow states & manifestation
* Nutrition & lifestyle guidance


* Understanding trauma informed practice
* How to safely work with trauma
* Working with ancestral trauma
* Wokring wth addictive processes

communication & safeguarding

* Safeguarding
* Creating safe spaceholding
* Mindful communication & coaching skills
* Safely guiding groups

conscious community development

* Creating the new way
* How to create community projects
* How to incorporate community projects into your business


 "The training was inspirational and energising, bringing together different modalities, focused discussions, and the chance to practice. The environment felt safe and the space was held well." 

Amanda Wigby
Musician & Educator

 "I absolutely loved my holistic practitioner training! It seems to me like Natasha Anand was born to teach. I came away with new techniques on how to not only help others heal, but on how to heal myself also." 

Samantha West
Yoga Teacher, & Children's Author

 "The training was amazing! We learned theory & practiced the tools. I left inspired, motivated & more confident. The training would benefit everyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of  a holistic approach." 

Marta Drozdowska
Inspirational Human

 "I joined to understand  who I am & the reason why I want to be a holistic practitioner, what it means & have a deeper understanding of how to move forward with my own practice. I feel I now have the confidence & tools to make it my lifestyle & career." 

Jonathan Bowen
Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

 "After many years working in community development, mental health & as a wellbeing coach for the NHS I have not attended any training that has met my needs. However, this course has left me confident in my ability to continue working in this field. In a sector saturated by training, this is the missing link. 

As mental health practitioners we are pretty poor at putting our mental health first. We enter into this work because we are passionate about helping people and we take a lot on, get tired then have to go off on long term stress. On top of this, cuts to public service spending means we work longer hours with fewer resources and workplace stress is increasing. 

Natasha has many years of working in communities using a deeply holistic approach. She understands well the challenges of working with vulnerable people at the grass roots. She is passionate in her vision for supporting people to deliver the best outcomes and remain well and healthy as workers and individuals. This course is practical and deeply embodied with her passion and wisdom."

Lisa Bracewell
Mental Health Support Worker & Holistic Therapist

"As people you can tell they have been on the journey themselves. They are incredibly supportive and really empathetic. Everything I have learned with them makes me feel so privileged. The teachings are sacred and sometimes I can’t believe they are sharing them with me. The energy that they create around a circle of people is really phenomenal, there is something really strong and really scared in what they do and at the same time incredibly relaxing and peaceful. 

Everybody feels really held. There aren’t many people that can make people feel so connected and grounded and really wanting to share their experience. What they did for me is bring it all together, they helped me understand how much I already know and taught me so much more. I feel solid and grounded in what I have learnt and I really understand how everything fits together."

Emma Heard
Trainee Energy Medicine Practitioner & Head of Product Content, Abintegro (The Career Development Platform)

“The course this week has just come to an end and it's been transformational for me. I didn’t know why I was here but it’s totally changed everything, the way I think the way I feel and its down to Roop & Natasha. Their energies work so well together they compliment each other, teach us and allow us to trust ourself and allow us to be. 

With Natasha’s teachings, she shifts the energy, she gets you breathing and gets you to move your body in a way that pushes the blockages out and gets the body flowing. She’s like the water that flows that purifies. 

Roop is quiet, he’s like the sun, his energy is warm and brings light and relaxes you. The two of them combined is a perfect healing. They are amazing teachers and I can’t wait for the next part of the journey. It wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t do it together. It’s very special."

Robert Fitzgibbon
Trainee Energy Medicine Practitioner & CEO, Organic Life

Minimum Programme Entry Criteria:

To enroll, students must have one of the following certifications:

– Energy Medicine Practitioners Training Level 1
– Reiki Level 2 of Masters certification
– Sekhem practitioners level 1/beginners certification
– Massage Therapy qualification
– Sports Therapy qualification
– Coaching qualification
– Another energy or holistic therapy professional level qualifications
– Youth or community worker qualification or certification
– Mentoring qualification or certification
– Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology or Homeopathy qualification
– Yoga 200 or 300 hour teacher training certification
– Breathwork certification/qualification
– Teaching qualification (primary, secondary or higher education)
– Art Therapy qualification
– Healthcare or Health and Social Care qualification

If you do not meet this criteria, please book a free call with us (below) before making a enrolling.

Course Pricing

  • Installments
  • 2 payments of


    per month Buy Now
  • 4 hours+ of online learning content every month
  • 1.5 hour group coaching call every month
  • 4 hours of mentoring from a peer
  • 2 weekly classes
  • Enrollment onto a private, exclusive online platform
  • Optional initiations
  • Additional resources, videos and worksheets and opportunities
  • One time purchase


      Buy Now
  • 4 hours+ of online learning content every month
  • 1.5 hour group coaching call every month
  • 4 hours of mentoring from a peer
  • 2 weekly classes
  • Enrollment onto a private, exclusive online platform
  • Additional resources, videos and worksheets and opportunities
  • Optional initiations

About The Teachers

Roop Singh Sagar

Master Teacher of Energy Medicine

Roop is a Reiki Master and Energy Coach and has experience from working with the heart-mind connection to the consciousness field that connects every living organism on the planet.

His work focuses on Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Quantum Field Healing, Sacred Symbology, Indigenous Earthkeeping, Spiritual Crystal Healing and Holistic Coaching.

Roop’s personal experience comes from overcoming chronic physical and psychological health conditions from childhood, overcoming addiction, ancestral trauma and continuing self-mastery of his energy systems.

Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Master Teacher of Holistic Medicine

Natasha Anand is a Master Energy Worker, Master Sattva Yoga Teacher, Leadership Coach and Holistic Therapist fusing Usui Shiki Ryoho, Sekhem Reiki, Vedanta and Tantric lineage Himalayan Yoga, Science and Philosophy, Indigenous Earthkeeping, Spiritual Crystal Healing, Quantum Techniques, Shamanic Practices, Sacred Geometry, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy & Holistic Coaching.

Natasha Anand draws much experience from her own journey overcoming 2 autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, addiction, burnout and ancestral trauma. Read more about her personal journey on her blog. Also read about Natasha’s journey on this WDDTY article.