Introduction To Self Healing

The trauma and IFS-informed, holistic healing gateway to self-healing.

You have the ability to heal yourself. We guide you on your journey & support you to activate your powers in a safe & rich environment to learn.

In-Person & Online
At Earth Clinic & School, Manchester

Next Training: Satuday 18t December 2021

In this fast-paced, modern world, our own health can often feel under threat. There are multiple ways which we feel affected. Through work, our relationships, the enviornment, noise, pollution and so on. Anxiety, stress, confusion, feeling drained, triggered, lost, stuck and heavy have all become normal symptoms we've learned to accept.

However, many of us know deep down, that this is not a way to live. Perhaps you want to be free of these burdens and just live a happy life... Perhaps you are starting to realise that there is more to life - a higher purpose for you - and a higher power creating this world.

If we trully want to help ourselves and others, the journey of self-healing can begin. The journey of self-healing is a Divine one, grounded in a committment to one's own growth. We may dance for a while between having to be disciplined and naturally feeling the desire to heal or practice... Eventually, it does become natural and normal to do self-healing, to practice, to invest energy and time in yourself.

What we are offering here is a guided journey to help you create structure, stability and space to self-heal  as well as all the knowledge and tools you need. We are offering our support to help you create a culture of energy within yourself, so that you can align fully to your power and potential.

Over 3 months the course offers

A safe space to delve into your inner world and continue self-enquiry.

A viable pathway into holistic healing arts and holistic medicine careers

Learn how to meet yourself, release blockages & activate your mind, body & energy 

Start to transform areas of your life holding you back from reaching your full potential

key features

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 1, certified (Saturday 18th December 2021)

Spiritual Crystal Healing Level 1, certified (2022 date TCB)

Half day follow up Q & A (2022 date TBC)

3 x 60 minute mentor sessions with one of the lead trainers

Weekly learning content on energy & holistic medicine on our online learning platform

Weekly reiki, yoga, ritual and energy practices

Support from students and teachers in a private online community

Alumni services following the training


  • Be safely held and guided through your inner healing journey, processes and challenges by the trainers 
  • Be initiated into meditative and mindfulness practices 
  • Learn energy and yogic healing techniques 
  • Learn the basics of working with the breath 
  • Start to learn how to work with your parts, emotions and heal trauma through the Internal Family Systems model
  • Understand the basics of how the body detoxifies toxins and old, burdened energy
  • Feel confident and empowered to ignite your self-healing journey
  • Clear karma, stagnant energy and burdens that will take you to the next phase of your healing
  • Start to become more embodied and feel your mind and body connection come more under your command
  • Feel a greater presence and ability to be in the "gap" of awareness
  • Explore consciousness teachings  
  • Ignite a level of self-care and self-practice you require 
  • Receive nutrition & lifestyle guidance 
  • Be initiated and feel part of a thriving, beautiful community

Course Curriculum

Emma Heard

Reiki Initiate

"As people you can tell they have been on the journey themselves. They are incredibly supportive and really empathetic. Everything I have learned with them makes me feel so privileged. The teachings are sacred and sometimes I can’t believe they are sharing them with me. The energy that they create around a circle of people is really phenomenal, there is something really strong and really scared in what they do and at the same time incredibly relaxing and peaceful. Everybody feels really held. There aren’t many people that can make people feel so connected and grounded and really wanting to share their experience. What they did for me is bring it all together, they helped me understand how much I already know and taught me so much more. I feel solid and grounded in what I have learnt and I really understand how everything fits together."

Brad Edwards

Trainee Holistic Therapist

"Roop and Natasha are two of the most kind, warm-hearted, wise and genuine people I have ever met. Their classes are of the highest quality which they approach with an open heart, with your best interests at heart. They have such a huge range of knowledge and experience, I am confident in saying I know they will be able to help anyone. I couldn't think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal."

Gemma Gratton

CEO The Bee Thrive

"Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by... I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand, she helped me reconnect to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses to the upmost, you will be grateful, as am I."

Daniel Halenko

CEO & Leadership Coach, Catori

"Amazing people, space and programs of work. Both Natasha and Roop are two of the most conscious, truly caring humans I have met and their work is of the highest quality. Highly recommend to anyone and because of their vast knowledge, you can go with your problem knowing that between energy reiki work and nutrition, through to wisdom teaching, yoga and breathwork, they can provide a solid solution to get you moving forward quickly."

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