Soul Blueprinting & Timeline Teachings - Initiation Retreat

Enhance your therapeutic toolkit with holistic teachings to create powerful healing environments for your clients.

With Roop Singh Sagar & Natasha Anand Boojihawon
Dates: Friday 9th - Tuesday 13th July 2021
Location: Thirkelow Cottage, Buxton, Peak District, UK

Serious Human & Soul Technology Activation

If you are serious about unlocking your human potential, activating your soul vision and creating your most favourable reality, then this special gathering is for you.

Oh, and of course, be pampered by our Temple Priestesses & Priests, feel truly nourished and replenished, and indulge yourself in the luxury and grace of our rejuvinating and sensual Goddess Temple.

The Trinity of Teachings

Theory & Case Studies

On timelines,  Vedic philosophy, Jyotish astrology and soul journeys/blueprinting.


How we can apply theories and practices to work with ourselves and our clients.


Tools, processes and techniques you can embed into your self and professional practice.

Key Benefits

Learn about the interconnectedness of quantum timelines.

Learn about and safely explore the timeless astral dimensions and deities as well as how to navigate into these realms for past, present and future healing.

Learn to piece together soul blueprint fragments for yourself and your clients, helping to ignite and catalyse growth and uplift consciousness.

Learn to work with earth energies, the elements and sacred rituals to affect the matrix, cultivate abundance and flow instantly.

Clarify and upgrade your therapeutic, holistic methods and toolkit.

Understand how the cylces of time , the zodiac, sub-constellations and planets influence our energy & experience.

Understand deeper and rare teachings on karma and the layers of conditioning that influence our life experience (past, present and ancestral timelines).

Learn to collapse into the most favourable timeline for you.

Learn powerful tools and techniques that clear the chakras, auric field and trauma.

Feel more confident to guide your clients/students and support thier empowerment.

The Elements

Yagya - Vedic Fire Ceremony

The sacred Vedic and Tantric rituals are alchemical weavings of consciousness and elements to influence past, present & future timelines. Embed your intentions into the fabric of reality.

Satsang (Wisdom)

Esoteric/sacred teachings of Vedic Astrology, Yog-Vedantic Tantra, Internal Family Systems, Quantic & Energy Medicine, Naturopathy, trauma-informed practice, the nature of consciousness/reality & more.

Plant-Based Nourishment

Organic, gourmet, hand-crafted delights will grace our table lovingly made by our in-house catering team. We are well known for our incredibly indulgent, yet healthy and balanced naturopathic nutritionally rich food. Expect raw cakes and juices.

Nature Immersion

The cottage retreat is located on a beautiful hillside setting with footpath and woodland walks and lake swims right by us. The views are stunning and you feel totally submerged in the elements.

Ecasatic Freedom Dance

Life in itself is a ceremony - a celebration of creation! Each day we weave in  foot stomping, body grooving, completely banging music. We will also have a special evening ceremony dedicated to estatic dance.

Blissful Evenings

Dancing, drumming and singing round the fire, soaking in the hot tub, watching the sunset over the hills, hot cacao, dreamy music, stargazing and the most beautiful tribe connection. Need we say more?


Feel totally grounded, relaxed and held in our gorgeous Goddess Temple which honours both the Divine Masculine & Feminine. Leave feeling pampered and rejuvanated.

Initiation & Practice

Be initiated into, specially curated, potent practices of kriya, pranayama, naad (mantra and sound), meditation, rituals and more. There are the keys to unlock your technologies.

Pre & Post Retreat Goodies

The Sri experience is complete with a beautiful gift bag to take away that includes sacred dreamweaving herbs, sweet treats and much much more! Also enjoy practices & guidance in our aftercare package.

retreat Location

Our retreat space is the newly refurbished Thirkelow Cottage in the paeak District, a modern, hilltop converted cottage with double vaulted ceremonial space and bedrooms giving a spacious feel throughout the property. We have 360 degree panoramic views across the valley from the ceremonial space.

It's right next to public footpaths and walks with breathtaking views, literally accessible straight from the cottage. We are near lakes and will be organising a trip for wild swinning!

The spacious property has been our retreat home for some time now and the energy we have cultivated there is strong. That coupled with the fact that the property sits on lay lines, makes this a suitable location for deep dive healing and downloading cosmic intelligence.

We have 2 rooms of 2 sharing - which can also be turned into a double bed for couples. We also have 2 rooms of 3 sharing. It will not be possible to reserve a room for yourself. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms.

We provide all accomodation, meals, snacks and drinks which are included in the price of the retreat. All you have to do is organise your travel.

We will also have a hot tub for 2 days of the retreat! 

Retreat Flow

Thursday: 9th afternoon arrival, opening ceremony, satsang, dinner, evening bliss
Friday 10th - Monday 12th: full retreat days
Tuesday 13th: morning practice, satsang, closing ceremony, afternoon goodbyes

Example Daily Flow

7.30 - 7.50am - Optional morning puja (ritual)
7.50 - 9.15am - Meditation & integrated yoga  practice
9.30 - 11.30am - Satsang
11.30am - 1.15pm - Brunch
1.15 - 2.45pm  - Satsang
2.45 - 3.15pm - Break
3.15 - 4.30pm - Tools & techniques practice session
4.30 - 5.45pm - Break

5.45 - 6.15pm - Outdoor adventure
6.15 - 7.30pm - Evening energy medicine practice
7.30pm - 9.00pm - Dinner
9.00 - 10.00pm - Evening bliss

Sri Nourishment

Additional Pre & Post Retreat Support


"As people you can tell they (Roop & Natasha Anand) have been on the journey themselves. They are incredibly supportive and really empathetic. Everything I have learned with them makes me feel so privileged. The teachings are sacred and sometimes I can’t believe they are sharing them with me. The energy that they create around a circle of people is really phenomenal, there is something really strong and really scared in what they do and at the same time incredibly relaxing and peaceful. 

Everybody feels really held. There aren’t many people that can make people feel so connected and grounded and really wanting to share their experience. What they did for me is bring it all together, they helped me understand how much I already know and taught me so much more. I feel solid and grounded in what I have learnt and I really understand how everything fits together."

Emma H
Company Director

"The day retreat I attended was magical. The day flowed perfectly. We talked, ate beautiful food prepared with love. I felt the fire ceremony was really powerful. Learning the Sri Yantra practice and having the video to follow afterwards has been a great tool to add in to my morning routine. I would highly recommend the day retreat. The retreat was held in an amazing space. Thank you for sharing this practice, I can tell this is your passion. You do it so well, please keep sharing.

Oh and thinking of the cake still makes my mouth water!"

Michelle Cleasby
Holistic Therapist

"This was such a profound inner experience which caught me by surprise for many reasons. However, before the day I did wonder if it would feel long and drawn out but I worried needlessly as 'time' just vanished as I became so present.

For me, the space that Natasha had carefully and loving created was sacred in that it allowed me and others to share and/or express our insecurities without the fear of judgement.  It felt so freeing to be able to be vulnerable yet safe.

Through this experience, I found acceptance for who I am.  I do believe this was because of the way Natasha just naturally allows everyone to just be.  That in itself is a uniquely personal experience. She has an amazing gift. She helped me to see what was really in plain sight.  I felt different, I felt somehow elevated. I felt a glimpse of the things that really matter in life.

The retreat included lunch and snacks. This wasn't just any old food served in an in any old way. The food was made with so much LOVE and it was presented beautifully. It tasted amazing and everything we ate with nourishing and so satisfying. The table was set so that we all had a chance to feel part of something truly special.

Everything including the food came from a place of love and joy 🥰The day retreat was such an uplifting and pure experience one that I was privileged to share with so many beautiful people.   I felt and still feel incredibly grateful for allowing myself to have taken the opportunity to join in on what I can only describe as surreal.""

Daxa Jobunputra 

“Natasha is an extremely approachable teacher, powerful healer and modern day medicine woman. I had the opportunity to attend a recent breath-work ceremony and am so grateful. I felt totally held and supported through out this deep journey. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to heal and to seek out Natasha’s wisdom to help guide them on their journey.”

Zoe Brown
Holistic Therapist

“Natasha’s workshops are deep soul healing. Her humility, mysticism, wisdom and expertise have taken my journey much deeper than anyone so far. I am intrigued and excited to work with her this year. She has a special gift to be able to bring ancient sacred practices to life in a modern world, where they are needed more than ever. I cannot recommend her programmes and workshops enough. They are awe inspiring, cleansing, fascinating and mind blowing. She is a true priestess” 

Tammy Brett

“I have done several workshops and had one to one sessions with Natasha and have found her to be incredibly personable, attentive and knowledgeable across a wide range of therapies. She has a wonderful magical way about her and it is always a pleasure to visit her. It is my absolute pleasure to offer this recommendation.” 

Kristina Batty
Human Evolution Director

“I Highly Recommend working with Tasha as a Guide to integrating your Higher Self.”

Inspirational Human

"The Initiation Day Retreat was even more powerful & transformative than I anticipated! Mentors & teachers like Natasha are priceless, particularly during this time in our evolution. How grateful & blessed I feel to have her in my corner, initiating & empowering us all to reach our own full potential.

The space, nourishing food & other souls drawn in to this experience are utterly sacred. So much thought, care & detail goes in to everything and the available resources & aftercare are second to none I've personally ever experienced. My soul truly can not wait for the next one! If you're thinking of working with Natasha and The Earth Clinic & School, don't question or hesitate. Your intuition knows & has brought you here for a reason!"

Jessica Phillips
Holistic Therapist

“Natasha’s a wonderful healer who dedicates herself very passionately to assisting you with your journey towards optimal health. She has a great capacity for compassion and listening through her therapy & clinic, which balances a variety of healing modalities to attend to your needs on different levels. I found that her own story of health was very inspiring which helps you to feel understood and motivated towards change. I believe that it has given her insight to empathise with the wide variety of challenges, complications and self-limiting beliefs that come with chronic or acute states of illness and I believe it helped her to very quickly identify in me what my issues and physical imbalances were, where no other practitioner I’d seen before could. I highly, highly recommend!”

James Potts
Facilitator of Integration

"The journey was so enriching and has kept unfolding beyond the retreat,  the activities felt carefully curated without being rigid and the space was imbued with a sense of calm and serenity.  Natasha guided us in a completely holistic way throughout the day & held the space effortlessly. The food was wonderfully enticing, and oh so healthy and delicious. Snacks & juices were served always when needed..I loved the breathwork and fire ceremony. Two days after the retreat all the niggling pains and anxiety I had felt in previous weeks were gone. I felt  connected to myself and my energy levels have soared since. A special day of collective and self- healing. "

Mandy Wigby
Youth & Community Practitioner & Music Producer

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Natasha Anand, Master Teacher of Holistic Medicine